introducing arcus axia

Axia comes from the Greek word for Value, Price or Worth.

Most companies don't have the budget or resources needed to leverage the majority of Splunk’s capabilities.

This leaves them:

Unable to quantify the Value of the technology
Uncomfortable discussing how Mature the deployment is
Uninformed when determining what & how to Spend on Splunk


Arcus Axia fixes that.

  • Assess maturity and uncover costly blindspots 
  • Make data-driven decisions with your Splunk investments
  • Update your ROI equations w Splunk subscription guidance

If you're not using Splunk to its fullest potential, you're leaving Value on the table.

You could be making better, data-driven decisions if you were able to take advantage of your own Splunk metadata but you need the right tools and expertise to do so.


Complete the form and find out how Arcus Axia can help your organization make better data-driven decisions.




arcus axia helps you...

Explain your users' behavior in one helpful dashboard.


Identify expensive Splunk searches and capacity issues.


Have informed conversations with your colleagues and leadership team.