The widespread adoption of the public Cloud has many organizations looking to avoid vendor lock-in and shift to a multi-Cloud strategy. Arcus Data has the training and expertise required  to complement your Cloud strategy. Whether it’s AWS, Azure, or Google, Arcus can help migrate, assure and manage Cloud workloads.




Machine data is the fastest growing and most complex segment of big data, and Splunk is the industry leader. The team at Arcus has unrivaled Splunk training and expertise. Leveraging the experience gained at hundreds of Splunk deployments, Arcus understands the complexities of machine data and is expert at advancing any organization’s Splunk journey.


Arcus Data Platforms

Increasingly, organizations are moving to the Cloud to host their applications and infrastructure. Whether it’s AWS, Azure, or Google, Arcus can help migrate, assure and manage Cloud workloads. With extensive training and experience working with public and private Cloud environments Arcus is your go-to provider for Cloud projects.


Arcus Solutions

Automation Frameworks introduce powerful new efficiencies into the software development lifecycle that help organizations deliver solutions with greater precision, efficiency and speed.

Splunk Frameworks

Whether it’s starting from go with Splunk, evolving a use case, moving to the Cloud, or tuning the architecture for improved performance and scalability, Arcus is a trusted solution partner.

Cloud Platforms

Arcus understands the dynamics of the Cloud and has extensive experience building analytics solutions, migrating applications from on-premises, and standing up new Cloud environments.
Google - cloud
Ansible and Terraform
Puppet and chief

Automation Frameworks

Arcus has deep automation expertise that we employ on every project. Our process leverages continuous integration and DevOps best practices in everything we deliver to help our customers future-proof their investments and accelerate value.

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